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this is kpix5 news on the cw. revamping a community event. how oakland made sure there was no violence at tonight's first friday celebration. >> plus, how a kidnapping victim was able to leave police to her location without the suspect even knowing. >> and a south bay politician forced to resign. the addiction he blames for spending thousands in public funds. good evening, everyone, i'm in for liz. >> i'm ken bastida. it's friday, the weather is beautiful. a perfect night for a friday. the first friday festival is going on right now in oakland. first since a fatal shooting there last night. david jackson with how the city is tightening the rules. david. >> reporter: ken, one of the most pleasant and peaceful friday nights they have had in oakland in a long time. people of all ages, all types,
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everybody getting along very well. it was a very enjoyable evening, making oakland the happiest place on earth. tonight, oakland was awfully happy and that may be a direct response to the tragic murder of campbell one month ago during art walk. the 18-year-old was shot and killed in a dark parking lot, an hour after the art walk closed down. tonight, nobody wanted a repeat, so police and security flooded telegraph avenue and everyone was in a cautious mood. >> we have to believe in the good. if we tend to focus on the negative, you'll go nowhere. >> it was tragic. i thought it afforded an opportunity to, you know, that's really oakland. that collision of different demographics and older folks and people of all different
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ages, ethnicities, that is oakland. we can't get hypersensitive to one murder. it was a great way to humanize an epidemic of violence that happened city wide. >> oakland has a history of violence. everyone is watching extra, being diligent on what is going on out here. >> and what is also going on is commerce. merchants welcoming the crowds and the business. >> this helps for a small business, big business, for everything. >> and everyone said this is how oakland should be. busy, happy, and best of all, cool. >> it's a starting point, and kind of bringing folks under a common umbrella is powerful, but it's all for nothing if we don't deep with the deeper issues. >> a month ago, there were 10,000 people that attended the art walk. tonight it was somewhat less than that. as we mentioned, families here, everybody seeming to have a great time. everyone went home happy.
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oakland was the happiest place in alameda county. david jackson, kpix5. >> david, good job. the festivals have drawn 20,000 people to oakland's uptown arts and entertainment district. >> new details tonight on a wild chase that ended with sheriff deputies killing a suspected kidnapper. the pursuit started after the victim texted a friend last night. she said an acquaintance was driving her against her will. when deputies caught up with richard in santa rosa, he sped off. the victim told investigators she thinks he was smoking meth. >> the deputies tried on two occasions to use spike strips, to disable the tires and end the pursuit. that did not work. the suspect was able to turn around the spikes both times. >> also drove through a couple of roadblocks before losing
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control and then crashing into an embankment. when he refused to come out of the car. a sheriff deputy shot him, fearing he was reaching for a weapon. no gun has been found. santa rosa police are investigating. investigators are trying to track down a woman believed to have some ties to the man who shot and killed two santa cruz police officers. police named 28-year-old, teresa johnson, also known as teresa lamb, a person of interest in the case. while she was not involved with the deaths, she may hold clues to jeremy's background and his history. meanwhile, santa cruz police officers are back at work for the first time since tuesday shootings. they were allowed time off to mourn. the city is in protected by deputies from the sheriff's department. the memorial outside the police station continues to grow. >> it's all about the officers to support them and let them know that we love them and our
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hearts are just with them. >> the memorial for the fallen officers has been moved now from santa cruz to the hp pavilion in san jose to accommodate a huge crowd. that memorial at noon next thursday. we will have live coverage here on kpix5. another police chase. this ended outside of the tunnel. it began with a danville woman reporting a man stealing stuff from inside her house. officers spotted his car, they gave chase. first up, interstate 680 and the 23-year-old hayward man crashed into a couple of cars near the tunnel. police say he then tried to make a run for it. but he was caught. a santa clara county supervisor blames depression and a gambling addiction for deceiving the public for years. now he faces felony charges for betting away tens of thousands in political and public funds.
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kpix5's len ramirez on the long- term pattern of deception. >> and i have and i will cooperate certainly with anyone. >> george surrenderedded himself with his attorney and was booked on 12 felony and misdemeanor charges. the charges stem from years of unable to file reports and lavishly spending public money. the district attorney says he wants to see him punished by spending up to a year in jail. >> what is important to me in this case is that he stepped downright away, that he plead guilty to the charges, that he pay all the money back and he spends some time behind bars. >> when first investigated by the metro newspaper five months ago, he was combative. >> i don't want you to be distracted by the political leeches this you read today and continue to read about in the print media. >> today, he resigned
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effective immediately. he also explained the root of his problems, writing quote, for years i suffered from depression. unfortunately, my gambling addiction went untreated for too long, which led to bad decisions and alaskas i deeply regret. investigators say his problems date back to a school board election in 2002. in 2010, the d.a. says he set up a secret fund of $130,000. >> the only person allowed to sign checks or deal with that account was george. he took in campaign money and he used it in casinos or for personal purposes. >> other members of the board of supervisors expressed relief that he resigned. >> it's tragic to see that these personal issues are causing these problems. he brought it upon himself in that sense, by resigning host doing the right thing to bring slow closure. >> they will hold a special
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meeting on tuesday morning to decide between holding a special election or making an appointment. in san jose, kpix5. he will be arraigned march 18. the d.a.'s office says he faces jail time, prosecutors say he will never be able to hold public office again in california. florida man feared dead after he was swallowed by a 30- foot wide sink hole. 36-year-old jeff busch was in bed sleeping last night when family heard a loud crash and screams for help. they ran to his room and found only a portion of his bed sticking out of the hole. they lowered cameras, but have not detected any signs of life. it started as an idea that was so bad it couldn't possibly take place. but now drastic forced budget cuts are kicking in. and as cbs reporter, tara mergener shows us, it will
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affect unemployment insurance to shipbuilding. >> president obama signed the order setting in motion $85 billion in spending cuts. they had a year and a half to find a way to compromise, but it was clear friday when lawmakers left washington and an agreement wasn't going to happen. president obama blamed republicans. >> let's be clear. none of this is necessary. it's happening because a choice that republicans in congress have made. >> the cuts are split between defense and domestic spending, with the pentagon trimming 8%, or $46 billion. government workers may be furloughed and the white house is warning from fewer cops on the streets to longer lines at the airport. >> it's just dumb. it's going to hurt. >> republicans say the automatic cuts were the president's idea and some suggest it might not be the worst thing for washington. >> we all agree it's not the
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best way to reduce spending, but it's time we did that. >> the impasse is over taxes. republicans say they already compromised on taxes when rates went up in january. those differences could spill over into the next budget battle. government funding ends at the end of month. >> to fund the government past march 27. >> the speaker and the president agree on one thing, neither wants to deal with a government shut down on top of spending cuts. at the white house, kpix5. san francisco mayor, ed lee, released a statement tonight saying the budget cuts impact the city's services. schools and public housing will be in excess of $20 million. we showed you a site in an oakland neighborhood on our news last night that disturbed many of our viewers.
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piles of garbage, boxes, trash, and junk ology lining 35th street in west oakland. one woman woke up and found an entire living room set dumped there. when we talked to an oakland public works manager about it yesterday, here's what he told us. >> yes. now that it has been brought to our attention, we plan to remove this debris tomorrow. >> we decided to go back to that same area to see if frank froster kept his promise, and he did. all that debris has been picked up and hauled away. coming up, when sharks attack, there's something more dangerous than the bite. we'll explain coming up. >> plus, what kept this great horned owl grounded until tonight. a day of unusually warm weather in the bay area today, but now time for something completely different. we'll have rain in the forecast after a break. ,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. attacks. and while lethal attacks are rare.. cbs reporter mark st california's so-called red
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trngle has seen its share of shark attacks. while lethal attacks are rare, mark strasman happens what happens after the attack can be more dangerous than itself. >> he was mauled by a bull shark. his friend took this video right before the attack. >> when i look down, i saw the head and it just kept biting and biting. blood turns green under water, so the whole thing exploded green. the first bite goes across the knee through the kneecap. and then down across the ankle. >> his wounds became infected. doctors could only guess that what antibiotics to use because they didn't know what bacteria was in the mouth of the shark. >> they pumped me full of every antibiotic you could imagine. i was in the hospital for five weeks. >> dr. robert saved his leg. he is leading a team at st. marry's medical center to develop targeted antibiotics
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for shark bites. >> we have the sharks here. why don't we find out what bacteria are in the shark's mouth? >> all they have to do is swab the gums of a live shark. >> i don't want to lose the fish. >> josh's job was to reel in a 6-foot black tip shark. >> it's a black tip. >> a nice one. >> good. now underneath the gum and along the tooth line. this is where the bacteria is going to grow. the shark was released. the samples went to the lab. the goal is to fine tune antibiotics biotics for special species of shark. finding an antibiotic answer could mean the answer between life and death for the people attacked each year.
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cbs news, rivera beach, florida. >> there were more than 50 shark attacks in the united states last year. half a dozen of them off the california coast. mission accomplished at a local raptor center. today, a great horned owl was set free. back in december, someone found the owl caught in barbed wire with injuries that are typically too extensive to heal. but, after weeks of physical therapy and a will the of loving care at the wildlife center, the owl regained flight and feisty disposition and experts believe it's ready to take on the wild again. >> she came from this area, so he knows where he is and we can only hope that he thrives out there. >> great horned owls play a critical role in population control of rodents, other birds, and even skunks on occasion. >> a group of south bay students got to watch their lab experiment blast off to space
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and soon they'll be receiving data. here is the latest space x rocket heading to the international space station. in san jose as well as los gados high school. >> we are stoked, it's a big day. >> gives us a total of 11 experiments. to growing plants and magnetic. all kinds of experiments. >> the data collected from these experiments will be added to a nasa data base. the dragon was having trouble with its thrusters, but that has been fixed and we'll reach the space station one day late. >> we had a foggy start this morning. dense fog, widespread, and we'll start out saturday morning that way as well. we'll be patchy tomorrow morning. and there are other changes as well. we'll be looking for increasing
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clouds and a scattered showers on sunday. temperatures colder for saturday and then after break on monday, we'll get more rain by late tuesday. it's because high pressure has been in full comont command. a series of storms coming out of the gulf of alaska. art record highs, we'll get a chance of rain moving into the bay area by sunday. it's not going to amount to much and it will probably peter out. but for us, sunday looks wet and more coming in midweek. do you can see the system out in the pacific. this is beginning to split as it heads over western washington. for us, we'll increase high clouds and look for the numbers to be not quite as warm tomorrow. we'll see it behind filtered crowds. expect this. dry, we will look for things to get into the 70s for
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sacramento. 81 in fresno. some fog. and the pinpoint forecast is calling for 70 at concord, 71 at liver more. 70 degrees at napa. in the extended torest. that's when we see the clouds. monday we get a break. we'll go to partly cloudy. it's tuesday and wednesday that we'll begin to increase showers again and over spreading the rest of the area wednesday. thursday and friday we'll go back to partly cloudy skies, all the way back into the upper 50s. that's weather, saturday looks good. >> rain would be good. >> not bad. >> they were punished for breaking the rules. >> why the ncaa is imposing sanctions against the st. mary basketball team. you can't move the tv there.
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[ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. violations. the st. mary's men's basketball team getting slammed with sanctions for recruiting violations. >> kpix5 shows us what this means for the future of the program and the school. >> ncaa sanctions rang loudly this morning. shocking the entire st. mary's campus. disappointed students worry the sanctions will hurt this catholic college of about 4,000. >> a will the lot of the applicants are because of the team. >> ncaa officials say a former st. mary's assistant coach acted unethically of the recruitment of athletes. arranging for housing and providing smaller benefits, such as shoes and workout gear,
10:25 pm
st. mary's has a major basketball tower thanks in part to a pipeline of foreign students. the primary violations were over the recruitment of three french prospects. >> they never came to st. mary's. never did an official visit to st. mary's. >> the basketball head coach says he takes full responsibility for the violations. >> i'm not proud of it. we're t perfect. i'm not perfect. we have, you know, i made some mistakes. >> he feels the penalties are too harsh. here are the big ones. coach bennett won't be allowed to recruit off campus for one year and suspended for five conference games next season. in addition, the men's basketball program will be placed on four years of probation. and the team will lose two scholarships in the next two seasons. the team can participate in the conference tournament and the ncaa tournament.
10:26 pm
the coach says the sanctions will no doubt affect his program. >> it's a hole that we put ourselves in and we're going to have to get ourselves out of it. >> i'm don, kpix5. with a 25-5 overall record, the team is making a serious run at this year's ncaa tournament. they are 13-2 in the conference. who is the new highest paid player in the nfl, and how many points did stove currie have tonight? the minute is next. ,,,,
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things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. ots...highlights on the 11...start the clock classic at the pavilion. the high school city championship. it goes three overtimes before
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admission tops lincoln, 78-71. highlights from the late show. that is currie. creates nice space for himself. 25 points, including that three. an air ball by currie, here come the celtics. give me a jumper. 94-86. 1-3 on the road trip. philadelphia is next. mcllroy, withdrew from the honda classic today. 7 over was the score. then my tooth hurts and he withdraws from the tournament. woods out of the cat box. in danger of missing the cut. made birdie here, finished at even par. but he is way out of it. guthrie is your leader. and super bowl mvp, joe flacco cashes in. he reportedly will sign a contract. he'll be the highest paid player in

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